Jamaican Fruit Cake Order Online


Moist Jamaican fruit cake made with rum, wine, raisins, and prunes

Delicious and moist Jamaican fruit cake! Delivery available worldwide with DHL, and it is available for order year-round, including Christmas.

This Jamaican fruit cake weighs 4 pounds and can last a very long time, especially in the freezer. Eat it as is, or add glaze or icing to it for birthdays or special occasions.

Can be done in a 9-inch container as a single 4 lb cake, or two 2lb containers (you choose when making your order.) Order your Jamaican fruit cake or ‘Christmas cake’ as it is often called today!


Flour, sugar, raisins, prunes, rum, fruit wine, eggs, baking powder, salt, browning (coloring), nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla extract, other spices.


Diabetic – Low calory sweetener instead of sugar

Non-alcoholic – Grape juice and other substitutes instead of rum and wine