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Why Do I Need Online Marketing Consultants?

As one of the top online marketing consultants in the Caribbean, I get that question now and then from business owners who have heard about online marketing, but lack a true understanding of just how powerful and rewarding it can be for their business.

You need to hire a digital marketing consultant TODAY if you want to achieve these six goals:

Get leads and sales automatically while you sleep
Clearly define your sales funnel and maximize ROI
Advertise to a worldwide audience at a low cost
Outsource technical & time-consuming tasks to experts
Focus all your free time on growing your business
Get your business found online before your competition

Online Marketing Consultants Services

As an online marketing consultant, I offer several services that help my clients get their brand found online or allow them to focus on growing their business while my team and I do the technical work behind the scenes.

My digital marketing consulting services include copywriting, e-commerce packages, lead generation, social media management, and more.

My Digital Marketing Consulting Services


My copywriting package includes 10 pieces of professionally researched, written, and edited copy in any format of your choosing (blog post, report, recipe, e-book, etc.)

E-Commerce Package

I create an e-commerce platform for your business that automatically gets you leads, uses powerful business tools, and report your business’ performance in real-time

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How Hiring Me As Your Digital Marketing Consultant Can Transform Your Business

Imagine you have some money in the bank, and instead of blowing it on the latest gadgets or spending it on designer clothes, you decide to invest in yourself and start a brand new business to earn money with as little time and effort on your end as possible. So you start researching online marketing consultants who can help you achieve your goals and get your business started. You start doing some research, and you come across my website or one of my social media channels.

Once you get in touch with me, this is a step by step guide of how I would nurture your idea and get your business running and earning in less than 30 days:

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  • We would start by arranging an online discovery call so that I can get an understanding of what business you want to go into
  • I would follow up after the meeting with an easy to use quote request form where you indicate what services you require for your business
  • After you accept the quote you would make a deposit
  • I would purchase you a domain name for your business and build you a mobile-optimized e-commerce website
  • My graphic designers would create you an awesome logo and other graphics such as business cards, flyers, and social media banners
  • I would write copy for your website that helps you outrank your competition and get you found on Google & Bing
  • I would then set up crucial business systems for you such as business email, live chat, CRM, inventory management, accounting, online store-front, payment gateway, and much more
  • Your social media accounts are then created and customized for maximum success
  • My video editors would now create short videos advertising your business and the services you offer
  • I would create targeted ads on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels to bring in sales and get your brand some exposure
  • Google & Bing ads would also be created to bring you quality leads and boost your sales
  • My team and I will maintain your website each week to ensure it is always updated, secure, and working smoothly
  • My team consists of a pool of experts that you can hire to outsource your customer support, sales, social media management, blogging, email newsletter, and all business systems you use (you will have final approval of everything before it is sent to your clients of course)
  • Receive weekly reports on the performance of the various aspects of your business
  • You can also do a weekly meeting with the members of your virtual team and your virtual assistant to set sales goals, plan new promotions or campaigns, provide instructions, etc.
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What Clients Say About Me

I was told about Jomo’s copywriting by a friend and was pleasantly surprised that he also made websites. He built my online store from start to finish, wrote all the words, sourced all images, and does the search optimization. He also maintains the website and manages our social channels. I highly recommend him as a 1 stop shop.

J. Leslie

Jomo Barnett created a website for the Little Bay Primary School, which I am the Principal of. Everyone loves the website, and it has helped us to maintain contact with our students and parents during the pandemic. Mr. Barnett was prompt and working with him was easy and convenient.

K. King

When I got the idea for a website to sell sports based products and reports, I was referred to Jomo as the man to go to. Thanks to Jomo, I didn’t have to lift a finger to get an awesome website made in just a couple of weeks! I just did a couple of Zoom meetings with him to let him know my vision, gave him a deposit, and watched him work his magic. I will definitely use him for future projects.

J. Wright

When I needed a 50-page office manual written for my business I was lost until a friend recommended Jomo. After a brief meeting and filling out the form he sent me, Jomo had the manual done in a few days! The team and I love the manual, and we couldn’t have done it without him!

S. Stewart

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