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Much more than a simple tagline, I thoroughly enjoy helping clients with getting their business found online. I don’t just build my clients a boring old website and send them on their merry way either. Here is a poorly kept secret – running a business isn’t easy. Running a business that automatically gets you new leads and customers each day is 10 times harder!

I help you MAKE MORE MONEY & run your business much easier by:

Jomo Barnett Gets Your Business Found Online
  • Building you an awesome website
  • Writing copy that will get you found by clients on Google and Bing
  • Getting high-quality photos or videos made to keep your clients’ attention
  • Setting up and managing your social media accounts
  • Running optimized social media ads to boost your business’ visibility and sales
  • Creating Google & Bing ad campaigns to bring your business qualified leads
  • Setting up crucial business systems for you such as business email, live chat, CRM, inventory management, accounting, online store-front, payment gateway, and much more
  • Maintaining your website and business tools to ensure everything runs smoothly
  • Sending weekly reports so you can gauge your business’ performance
  • Providing you with a pool of experienced and affordable virtual assistants, customer support agents, and sales agents
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More About Jomo Barnett

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Since childhood, my three great loves were writing, Jamaica, and food. I guess that is why It doesn’t come as a surprise that I have ventured into businesses that incorporate my three passions.

How I Turned My Passions Into Businesses

Online Marketing Consulting


As a digital marketing consultant, I help businesses and professionals get found online. This includes copywriting, creating e-commerce platforms, lead generation, and much more. I do it for all of my businesses, as well as my clients


Travel Packages To Jamaica


I help individuals, couples, groups, organizations, and agencies arrange trips to Jamaica. My trips include volunteer vacations, study abroad programs, cultural immersion adventures, all-inclusive vacations, day tours, and travel health insurance


Jamaican Culture & Food


Most people that know me will tell you that ‘Jomo Barnett is a pretty good cook’. At one point I considered becoming a chef. My goals may have certainly changed, but I still enjoy sharing my love of Jamaican food and culture with the world


Looking To Book My Services?

I am most in demand for my copywriting service, as well as my e-commerce packages. Read more about each of my services below, and select the service you are interested in to learn more or to request a quote. You can also scroll down further to check out some of the goods and services available in my store.


Jomo Barnett Copywriter

My copywriting package includes 10 pieces of professionally researched, written, and edited copy in any format of your choosing (blog post, report, recipe, e-book, etc.)

E-Commerce Package

Start your online business today

I create an e-commerce platform for your business that automatically gets you leads, uses powerful business tools, and report your business’ performance in real-time

Shop Now | Jomo Barnett

Shop on my website to purchase my various goods and services. I offer a wide range of digital marketing services, Jamaican cultural classes or food items, and tours/travel packages to Jamaica. I also have seasonal merchandise available from time to time.

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Looking To Invest?

From time to time, I list projects that are open for investment here. You will find a link to any investment opportunity currently available below.

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What Clients Say About Me

I was told about Jomo’s copywriting by a friend and was pleasantly surprised that he also made websites. He built my online store from start to finish, wrote all the words, sourced all images, and does the search optimization. He also maintains the website and manages our social channels. I highly recommend him as a 1 stop shop.

J. Leslie

Unforgettable experience! All of you should try it. It was only my first-time volunteering and I’d love to do it again through the same Jamaica International Projects.

Asimina Kosti-Stavri - Orphanage/Childcare Volunteer & French Teaching

Jomo Barnett created a website for the Little Bay Primary School, which I am the Principal of. Everyone loves the website, and it has helped us to maintain contact with our students and parents during the pandemic. Mr. Barnett was prompt and working with him was easy and convenient.

K. King

This was a life changing experience. The children were so great. They gave me and taught me so much more than I gave them. This was one of the most satisfying trips I’ve ever done. Jomo, his mother, and Dwayne were great hosts and caretakers. Jamaica and its people will forever be in my heart.

Christelle Ugbaja - Child Care/Orphanage Volunteer

When I got the idea for a website to sell sports based products and reports, I was referred to Jomo as the man to go to. Thanks to Jomo, I didn’t have to lift a finger to get an awesome website made in just a couple of weeks! I just did a couple of Zoom meetings with him to let him know my vision, gave him a deposit, and watched him work his magic. I will definitely use him for future projects.

J. Wright

When I needed a 50-page office manual written for my business I was lost until a friend recommended Jomo. After a brief meeting and filling out the form he sent me, Jomo had the manual done in a few days! The team and I love the manual, and we couldn’t have done it without him!

S. Stewart

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