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Where My Expertise Lies


Digital Marketing Consulting

As a digital marketing consultant, I help businesses and professionals get found online


Jamaica Travel Services

I help individuals, couples, groups, organizations, and agencies arrange trips to Jamaica


Culinary Arts & Hospitality

As a trained chef, I dabble in the culinary and hospitality industry, but it unique ways


Purchase My Digital Marketing Consulting Services

I offer various affordable online marketing consulting services, such as copywriting packages, resume writing plans, SEO consultation, and more. I also offer a Jamaica travel package and a special baking/confection service.

Digital Marketing Consulting Services

My services include copywriting, search engine optimization, social media management, and WordPress development. I am also a member of the awesome team at VIMSCO, where we offer additional services such as graphic design, video editing/animation, business process outsourcing, data entry, and website hosting/maintenance.

As the Lead Generation Manager of VIMSCO, I work with a dedicated and brilliant team of professional copywriters, programmers, web developers, graphic designers, video editors, and digital marketers who have years of experience working on various projects.

Our digital marketing consultancy can help you:

  • Clearly define your digital sales funnel
  • Create a roadmap for success and how to increase your sales online
  • Pinpoint the best digital marketing channels for your business to thrive
  • Get professional services from leading experts while you focus on running and growing your business
  • Track the weekly results of your online marketing campaigns
  • Always have contact with a digital marketing expert to advise you

Ready To Speak With An Online Marketing Consultant?

Feel free to contact me by email, Skype, phone/WhatsApp, or book a Zoom or Google Meetings session on my calendar.

Why Travel With Jomo

Since 2014 I have been helping travelers from around the world plan and execute several trips, excursions, and transportation services in Jamaica. From volunteer projects, internships, group trips, vacations, day tours, airport transfers, and even courier services, I have helped hundreds of travelers arrange thrilling adventures while ensuring they were kept safe, comfortable, and satisfied.

I place a high value on customer service and am usually prompt with my responses. I also pride myself on going the extra mile for my clients, and I value having satisfied customers over financial gain any day.

I founded several travel organizations in Jamaica that should cover all aspects of inbound travel and tourism to the island. If you are planning a trip to Jamaica, get in touch with me, or visit my websites below. I look forward to helping you arrange a satisfying and hassle-free trip to Jamaica.

My Core Principles

As a leader and innovator in the Jamaican travel industry and a digital marketing consultant, I follow these principles, which I not only apply to my business transactions but to my everyday life.

Service Over Profit
I value the level of service I provide my clients with, and will always do what is in their best interests, rather than what is best for the profit margin
No Discrimination
I do not discriminate against anyone, neither personally nor professionally. I welcome everyone from all nationalities, religions, & sexual orientation
The safety and security of my clients is my primary concern. Whether you join us for 1 day or 3 months, our main goals are to keep you from harm

Jamaica Travel Deals & Services I Provide

Volunteer & Study Abroad Projects

Volunteer projects, internships, and study abroad projects in Jamaica

All-Inclusive Vacation Packages

Jamaica all-inclusive vacation packages with 5-star hotels and support

my jamaican tour guide

Tours & Excursions In Jamaica

Day tours, adventures and cruise excursions for groups and individuals


Travel Insurance Online

A wide range of travel medical insurance for health, cancellation, visa, etc.

Interested In Planning A Trip To Jamaica?

Contact me at any time to learn more about Jamaica and how you can plan a trip. Besides being 1 of the top online marketing consultants on the island, I am also an expert in the travel field.

Culinary Arts & Hospitality

Although I am a trained and certified chef, these days I spend my time outside of the kitchen and in the office as a freelance copywriter or one of VIMSCO’s online marketing consultants. My vast experience in the culinary & hospitality fields benefits me greatly when creating content for the field for myself and my clients.

My involvement in the food industry these days (besides writing about it) involves making specialty products in bulk, such as Majestic Brownies, gummy vodka shots, and other products.

Digital Marketing Consulting Culinary Arts

Need To Order Goods For Your Party Or Event In Jamaica?

Get in touch with me to order special brownies, cupcakes, vodka shots, and other delicious treats for your event.

Looking To Invest?

From time to time, I list projects that are open for investment here. You will find a link to any investment opportunity currently available below.

Invest In Tourism

What Clients Say About Me

Perfect Visit to Kingston

We meet Jomo on his internet site and he gave us a really nice time in Kingston and showed us the whole Kingston with his driver Dwayne.
We wouldn’t have been able to see as much as we did if it weren’t for those two guys.
I strongly recommend Jomo for your guide to visit Jamaica and Kingston.

Magnus Hardin - Bacchanal Carnival Package/Kingston Highlights

Lifetime Memories

Unforgettable experience! All of you should try it. It was only my first-time volunteering and I’d love to do it again through the same Jamaica International Projects.

Asimina Kosti-Stavri - Orphanage/Childcare Volunteer & French Teaching

A Blast In Kingston

We spend in totally two weeks in Jamaica, and the days in Kingston was the best time ever!
Jomo and his driver Dwayne took us to see the most parts of Kingston, shopping malls, markets, the Port Royal and we also drove thru the ghetto, New Kingston and by the Bob Marley museum.
Jomo’s Mother, Mrs. Barnett served us homecooked Jamaican cuisine. She is a lovely lady. The Bacchanal party was a blast! We were dancing for several hours to the soca music. The Jamaican can really party, and dance!

Kattis Ostman - Kattis Ostman Bacchanal/Kingston Highlights

Amazing trip, amazing experiences. JIP the best for Jamaica

This has been a fabulous trip, 18 months planning resulted in our having as near as perfect experience as possible. Spending time in the children’s home was life-changing and bonds made with the home will last a long time. The Grand Port Royal hotel was a great place to stay and was more than we expected. The caterers provided us with great food and were so accommodating when we were late. The excursions were amazing and all of it was made possible by the fantastic attention to detail by the wonderful Jomo.

Joanne Lambert - Girlguiding Leader/ Volunteer Vacation

Wonderful Experience

This was a life changing experience. The children were so great. They gave me and taught me so much more than I gave them. This was one of the most satisfying trips I’ve ever done. Jomo, his mother, and Dwayne were great hosts and caretakers. Jamaica and its people will forever be in my heart.

Christelle Ugbaja - Child Care/Orphanage Volunteer

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