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Little Bay Primary School

Little Bay Primary School is a beacon of learning within the quaint fishing village of Negril, Jamaica, providing essential education to the children of the western tip of the island. Recognizing the school’s profound impact on the community, I, Jomo Barnett, took it upon myself to support their mission by creating and managing their website, ensuring that their digital presence is as vibrant and nurturing as their real-world environment. This initiative aligns with my dedication to fostering growth and accessibility in education, offering the school a platform to connect, inform, and evolve.

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Challenge Presented

The reality for many public schools in Jamaica, including Little Bay Primary, was the absence of a digital footprint, as most do not have a website to call their own. The need for online visibility became apparent when the pandemic hit, and the demand for accessible online resources skyrocketed. Parents and students were in desperate need of a centralized source of information—a digital hub where the school community could find updates, resources, and support.

Solutions Delivered

To bridge the gap between the school and its community, a WordPress website was developed, with security and backup solutions to protect user data. The site features an event management calendar for keeping track of school happenings, and an interactive contact form to facilitate communication. Added to this are a live Instagram feed and a WhatsApp chat feature, which offer real-time engagement and ensure that the school updates are shared with clients in a timely manner.


Since the website’s launch, Little Bay Primary School has witnessed a steady increase in online engagement, with monthly clicks reaching over 20 and impressions climbing to 1,500—a testament to the newfound reach of the school. Thirteen pages now rank within the top 10 search results, a clear indicator of the website’s effectiveness and the positive return on the investment into the school’s digital presence, ensuring that this vital community resource is both seen and heard.

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