This policy is effective from June 1, 2020, to present-day upon reading this agreement.


Accepted Payment Methods

Credit card payments using Visa or Mastercard are accepted for my services and the services of Barnett’s International Project.

International Bank Wire Transfer is available upon request. Bank details will be sent to you upon receiving a payment request, or by visiting the Make A Payment pages on my various websites.

Paypal payments may be available on some occasions, however, these will be accepted at our discretion and will need prior approval from us.

Payment Due Dates

For 1 time payments, these will become due immediately upon receiving an invoice. For recurring or monthly payments, the due date will either be on the 28th day of each subsequent month in your agreement or on the date indicated on your billing invoice.


Some services offered by me or Barnett’s International Project requires a deposit. Deposits are due immediately upon the receipt of an invoice, and no work will begin without the outlined deposit being paid.

Refund Policy

All sales are final. In some cases, such as with tours/transfers, volunteer packages, and even online marketing services, myself or Barnett’s International Project may offer you the option to reschedule or reallocate your payment as a credit to another service, at our discretion.

In the rare cases where your account is terminated by us and a refund is granted, refunds are processed 60 days after they have been approved by our accounting department. A member of our team will contact you once the refund is granted, and again when the payment is being made. Processing fees will not be refunded, and any additional fees incurred to grant a refund will be remitted from the refund total before it is sent.


All credit card payments will incur a 5% processing fee that will be added to your total. This will be reflected on your invoice if you choose to make your payment using a credit or debit card.

Bank Transfer Fee

All international wire transfer payments will incur a $75 USD processing fee that will be added to your total. This is to cover the wire transfer fee charged by the bank.

Updating Billing

If you wish to update your billing account, send me an email at [email protected]

Payment Currencies

Payments are accepted in USD primarily, while clients located in Jamaica will have the option of paying at the equivalent rate of JMD. This is done on only special occasions and requires pre-approval on my/our end.

Failed or Late Payments

If you fail to make payments on your monthly subscriptions with myself or another website operated by Barnett’s International Project, your account will be suspended, or ultimately canceled. Once payments are later than 15 days, then you will be charged a 20% late fee. Payments later than 30 days will have your access to any accounts, dashboards, or services included in your subscription suspended. If payments remain outstanding for another 30 days, then your subscription will be terminated, and we will take ownership of all content, graphics, videos, media, or any resource associated with your subscription.

Monthly Plan Cancellation

If you wish to cancel your monthly subscription to any of our services, send us an email at [email protected]

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