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IMCS Construction

IMC Construction is a powerhouse in the Jamaican building sector, providing a full spectrum of services from foundational construction to sophisticated engineering, as well as drafting and design. Catering to both local clientele and Jamaicans abroad, they bridge the gap between dream designs and tangible structures. With a commitment to quality and detail, they transform visions into architectural realities and stand as a beacon of construction excellence in Jamaica.

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Challenge Presented

The Jamaican construction industry often overlooks the digital arena, leaving potential online engagement and client acquisition untapped. IMC Construction sought to break the mold, recognizing the need to harness the power of the web to outpace competitors and connect with a wider audience. The goal was a comprehensive digital strategy that went beyond a static website to include active SEO, robust social media marketing, and strategic email campaigns, thus capturing the attention of a market ripe with opportunity.

Solutions Delivered

For IMC Construction, a WordPress website equipped with robust security measures and reliable backups was launched, ensuring a secure user experience. A sophisticated quote-generating form was integrated, enabling clients to easily request service estimates, complemented by e-commerce capabilities and a seamless payment system. Each service offered by IMC received its dedicated, SEO-optimized landing page, enhancing visibility and accessibility. The digital overhaul extended to a cohesive SEO strategy, including targeted link-building and directory submissions, all designed to elevate IMC’s online presence.


IMC Construction’s engagement with these strategies led to a significant uptick in digital traction, with monthly clicks surging past 1,000 and impressions topping 7,500. These efforts translated into a substantial increase in SEO-related revenue, hitting a monthly average of $65,000. With five pages solidly ranking in the top 10 search results, the return on investment has been robust, propelling IMC Construction into a new echelon of online recognition and client engagement in the Jamaican construction industry.

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